A consultation appointment can be as simple as just discussing ideas for a project to a very focused discussion on color selections for your whole home. You define what you need to meet about and we work to make the time as valuable as possible.



Kitchen & Bath Design

Kitchens, Bathrooms, Home Offices, Laundry Rooms…Any of these spaces can lend itself to just a simple makeover to refresh the feel of the space and create better organization to a full makeover where you are starting from scratch and improving upon the functionality and updating the overall look. From the floor plan to finish selection, we can help simplify the process and make it enjoyable. Since much of our day to day living takes place in these spaces the personal enjoyment is just as great as the value added to your home.



The wonderful thing about cabinetry is its flexibility. It can be incorporated into almost every room of your house, creating storage and a beautiful finished look. Just as wonderful is that there are so many options available in a range of prices that you can almost always create the look you want within your budget. We offer a familiar array of name brand cabinetry in all levels: stock, semi-custom, and custom. PLEASE NOTE: Since we do not maintain an expensive retail showroom we are able to offer competitive pricing for the same cabinetry offered at home centers and showrooms.



"Dancing Flowers" custom artwork

Children’s Rooms...Nurseries & Playrooms, too!!

With a little imagination and planning a child’s room can be a magical place. Whether you are starting from scratch or just want to add a creative touch to an existing room, there are countless ways to make your child’s room a very special and comforting place to be. Incorporating safety, storage and longevity are important elements to include as well. A wonderful room will be part of your child’s memory forever...and yours, too.

See Portfolio 1 for photographs of a plain room transformed into a beautiful nursery that grows into a little girls garden suite.



Window Treatments...the “Icing” on the Cake

Bare windows often make a room feel cold and unfinished, like something is missing. Window treatments add a softness and “finish” to a room unlike any other element. When properly executed they “lift” the style quotient of the room they grace.

Additionally, window treatments have the ability to offer insulation against the cold or heat, as well control light and privacy. We are able to create window treatments that work beautifully with your existing décor or become part of a new look. Custom bedding and pillows are also available.

Please see the “Window Treatments” section in the portfolio tab.



Entertainment Centers & Home Theaters for real life

The beautiful new TVs being offered in the marketplace have created a new challenge for homeowners trying to work them into their homes. Should they be on the wall, on a stand, what to do with the cords, and where do you put the game systems and other components like the DVD player and the DVDs? Since this area is oftentimes a focal point, it is an excellent opportunity to add some style and storage to your own “home theater.”

Please see Design Magic to get a “peek into the process” of creating this beautiful entertainment center.



Space Planning

The art of configuring space to create the best function and flow. An example would be, in order to finish a basement, a plan would have to be created to determine the final layout. Or perhaps you want a larger master bathroom and are considering annexing some space from a neighboring closet? These projects benefit greatly from pre-planning and detailed floor plan drawings.



Architectural Detailing

The art of adding character and depth to your home with woodwork. A simple example would be adding crown molding to a room to add interest where the wall and ceiling meet.

Bookcases, a window seat, mantles, chair rail and bead board paneling are all examples of using architectural detailing to dress up a space.




The final touch that gives a room style and personality. The secret to successful accessorizing is choosing pieces that that compliment the immediate area and the room as a whole. Existing pieces mixed with new oftentimes results in the perfect look.



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