Little Girl's Garden Room:
Window Seat Wall

Starting Point  (Picture 1)
This is a photo of the room “before,” a plain vanilla box. Overall the client asked me to transform the room into a magical nursery, something soft and feminine, for a little girl. For this particular wall, they asked for a “built-in” with storage.

Determine Dimensions (Picture 2)
We start by measuring the space and creating a simple drawing of the window wall to scale to confirm dimensions.

Design Plan  (Picture 3)
After working through some ideas this is the final design plan for the wall. This drawing shows a window seat with cushion and throw pillows, balloon valance on the window, two drawer bases with shelves above for display, and the accompanying crown molding at the ceiling. The color palette is also suggested in the drawing.

End Result  (Picture 4)
This is the finished window wall true to the plan... Beautiful!! Note the inherent safety feature of the bookcases attached to the wall for stability. As well as the wealth of storage for clothing as well as for larger items under the window seat.







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