Architectural Detailing:
Entertainment Center

Starting Point (Picture 1)
This is a photo of the wall cavity I was working with. Originally the homeowners planned to put a free-standing hutch in this space, but after moving in they chose to put the hutch elsewhere. Alas, an opportunity for something fabulous!!

First Meeting (Picture 2)
This is a sketch from our first meeting. We are discussing placement of the TV for optimal viewing, as well as taking an inventory of the equipment, budget, storage needs, and speaker placement. Back at the studio I compile all this information and create design solutions.

Design Plan (Picture 3)
This drawing details the exterior of the cabinet, a representation of the final product. You can see where the doors are and the placement of the handles, as well as the arc of light created by the recessed lighting.

Details (Picture 4)
This drawing details the interior of the cabinet, specifying where the various pieces of equipment will be located, as well as the location of the glass shelving, stainless steel ball accents and lighting.

Finish Selections (Picture 5)
The clients chose to match the cherry cabinetry and stainless steel hardware in their adjoining kitchen.

The Result (Picture 6)
The finished entertainment center...truly a highlight in this very sophisticated home.








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